About us

Since 1999 Revel has been contract producing fashion end denim fabrics in India with a simple principle: providing the fashion forward fabrics for a good value.

Denims FabricsPassion for Blue

With our experience of over 15 years in the medium to Upper end jeanswear Industry we develop denim fabrics that cater to the most discerning denim customers. Thereby offering a wide range of slubs, colors, finishes and casts of Indigos to choose from.

Whether you are looking to work with the svelt urban look, the authentic vintage denim, cling fit look, the tailored refined look...we have nearly 380 denim varities to choose from.

From quarter dip indigos to pure Indigos to Lux Indigos in deep natural casts we offer more than 37 shades in Indigos to choose from.

Would you like to develop your own fabric, with your own desired slubs, hand, color? We are there for you. Our customers depend on us to develop there own desired fabrics.

Denims FabricsExperience the Revel Service

We pride ourselves with high standards of service to our customers. Be it sending 1st samples to technical details to suggesting washings or be it providing you update on production – we work on with very fast response times. The 1st feelers , washed hangers or initial sampling meters are stocked at Pulheim and are mostly dispatched with a couple of days of ordering.

Denims FabricsReady Availability of Fabrics

Several articles in light to medium weight stretches and 100% cotton are stocked at Pulheim. Smaller quantities can be made available and on faster delivery basis. If you intend to work regularly with a fabric we commit ourselves to stocking the fabric here in Pulheim or in India enabling you to do faster garment production.

Denim Factory RollsShipment to Any part of the world

For your garment making in Asia, we ship fabrics to the garment makers /our customers directly from India. Should you also be producing jeans in Turkey, Morocco or Tunisia we would ship goods from India directly to these countries.